A Message From Helen's Grandson
Hi everyone.  I grew up listening to my grandmother laughing with her best friend Margaret on the phone.  Grandma was never at a loss for words and her stories were priceless.   Then Margaret moved to Maine...
I started this blog for my grandmother for two reasons.  First, I wanted to capture her words and stories for our family to have as a tribute to her for many years to come.  I told her it would be like scrapbooking with a computer.  Second, I thought it might give her something fun to do with her friend and keep her young at heart.  I think it is working.

I encourage you to consider starting a blog for yourself or your family.  It's easier than you think.  Just It's free.   And if you have someone like Helen in your life, it doesn't take long to show them how to do it.  Trust me, you'll never regret it regardless of what they blog about.

I never thought it would get this popular because there are lots of blogs out there (like my personal one) that never get seen by more than just the blogger(s) who write them.  However, if you are worried about that, it is very easy to make your blog private or only available to an approved list.  So don't be scared.   Get your own blog and then get your parents and even your grandparents to start blogging as well.  Your family will have a keepsake for years to come.

Happy blogging.
With love to my "cool" Grandma,

PS.  If you do have a Helen in your life and she has a blog, post a link below.  I know Maraget and Helen will enjoy reading them.