Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Real Housewife of Wasilla

Margaret, that Sarah Palin sure seems to be enjoying her moment in the spotlight.   And it appears she got another one of her Tea Party candidates one step closer to November 2nd.  Now,  I for one don't begrudge her all this newly found fame and fortune.  I still think she is an idiot, but I don't begrudge her all this success.   I just wish she came by it in a way that didn't involve the fate of our nation.... like maybe being on The Real Housewives of Wasilla.

I hear she is about to have her own television show on the Learning Channel.  Do you think she will learn anything?  And when exactly did the Learning Channel become the Learning Deficiency Channel?

Well, I say good for her.   If there was ever a person that was destined to be on one of those dysfunctional reality shows it would be Sarah Palin.  Maybe she will eat a rat like that little one on the The View. I hope she has huge ratings and gets out of politics for good.  Because stupid on television is one thing.  But stupid running our nation... well George Bush proved that to be a really bad idea.

Before that jackass preacher down in Florida decided not to burn the Quran, Ms. Palin sent out a little one of those face tweeter things.  She said she thought burning the Quran was as bad as building that mosque in Manhattan.  Leave it to an idiot to denounce one form of religious intolerance by promoting another form of religious intolerance.  

It's a damn Burlington Coat Factory.  Did you know that Margaret?  This building they consider to be on sacred ground - or at least sacred ground for everyone but Muslims - is a Burlington Coat Factory.  Has everyone gone crazy?  It's not at ground zero and it's not even a mosque, honey.  It's a cultural center.  And as far as sacred ground goes, we really should be careful.   They have a whole lot of "sacred ground" in the Middle East and it tends to cause never-ending wars.   This country already goes to war too often for sacred oil.  We don't need to add sacred ground to the list.

When exactly will common sense return to America?  Just how far can the Republican Party - now called the Tea Party - throw the bullshit before someone calls them on it?  You just have to pay attention to Sarah Palin for all of ten minutes before you realize just how deep it gets.  And now this Christine O'Donnell has waded into the mess.

Margaret, it just makes me want to cry sometimes.   But you know me.  When faced with idiots and jackasses, I don't cry.  I bake a pie.

So have some pie and a little coffee.   I know you prefer tea, dear, but skip the tea and have some coffee for me until after November.  I mean it .  Really.